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Wuzzô, singer-songwriter and children's playwright, weaves enchantment through her music. She has just released "Starseed Lullabies," a full-length children's album. Her lyrics celebrate love for self, the Earth, and the cosmos, harmonizing classic harp tones with modern electronic sounds. Tuned to 432 hertz, her album offers a harmonic embrace for both children and our inner child.


Wuzzô plays in melodic, ethereal realms that captivate your mind, body and spirit. She uses her music to honour the sacred human experience and hold herself and others throughout it. Her music emanates unconditional love, intensity and passion. It is a soft place to fall or simply rest your wings and reminisce. Wuzzô will take you on an inward adventure with her spells, cosmic earth magic and mystery. 


In 2019, Wuzzô recorded her first full-length album, “Beelonging” under her former artist name “Just Micci”.Since then she’s delved even more deeply into casting intentional spells with her songs. Wuzzô is profoundly inspired by the power of language and how it can be used to change how we observe our realities. She incorporates this knowledge into her writing and when cultivating environment through language. Her instrumental music transcends language and creates space for the listeners to cast their own spells and feel held by their own magic.


Wuzzô has just released her first full-length children's album August the 27th! This album was a big part in learning to hold her inner child. Being a children's play write, working with children has played a huge role in Wuzzô's life and creative process. This album is an appreciation of the magic children see and remember in the world. 

Wuzzô has performed at festivals such as Deep Roots, Evolve, The Acadian Festival, Praxis and the Mi’kmaq Acadian Festival as well as online and at house concerts. Her live performances tell a story. Dancing between the ukulele, harp, piano, poetry and song, Wuzzô pulls you into her universe - a playful, loving and cathartic experience.

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