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Full album out now!

"Starseed Lullabies" has been a dream project of Wuzzô's since she's worked with children. Wuzzô is in her 11th season of musical theatre camps where she puts on musicals she writes and caters to the children attending. Working with children has not only been incredible for her growth as a musician but also as a person. Wuzzô believes that children are some of the most powerful mirrors and if they are met with benevolence, they can teach us a lot. 

This album is a dedication not only to all the children Wuzzô has worked with throughout the years, but also her own inner child. "Starseed Lullabies" was a rebirth process for Wuzzô. It will take listeners on a journey from the cosmic realm to the earth realm in a gentile way. Tuned to 432 hertz with a blend of harp, piano cosmic and earth textures, this album is will hold your inner child with unconditional love in the wild and wonderful human experience. 

Wuzzô loves working on many projects to fuel her creative fire including: 

Live performances, Halifax Ecstatic Dnace, an Acadian remix EP, meditations for Insight Timer, her new album "Light" (see above for a live version of "Everything's Sacred", a single on Wuzzô's upcoming "Light" album) and a new French album (see below for a live recording of some of the singles from her upcoming French album)

Although it may seem busy, all these projects tie together beautifully and feed each other in a symbiotic way. They intertwine and inspire each other, giving space for the many idea faeries that visit Wuzzô to unfurl in the way they desire. 

If you feel inspired to support Wuzzô's work, get behind the scenes content on her process and receive early and unreleased songs, you can go to her Patreon page. 

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